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The idea of the positive emotional output extorted from the aesthetic sense affects mood and indirectly promotes health and well-being. Sometimes the beauty extends beyond aesthetics to influence human health and well-being.

Plant Shadow


As an Aesthete, I am always looking for the next opportunity to translate everyday experiences into artistic expressions. My approach and outputs are constantly evolving as I hone my personal style. However, I refuse to be typecast and work hard to ensure I do not repeat myself. 

So far, I have found myself maturing with materials, methodologies, techniques, and thought processes. Learning to question the world around me, the curve in a road, or more metaphorically as to why we accept that we see black in the absence of light or that the sky is always blue when it is just a mere reflection of what is beneath it. 

Plant Shadow
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We are a Bangalore studio, focussing on Aesthetical appeal and the art of the Abstract. Our Studio works on original artworks, accents, home accessories, and made-to-order keepsakes. 

Our Artistry
We love giving thoughts and emotions a tangible form and visual expression. We seek to make your everyday experiences spontaneous and emotive: marked by sheer freedom of interpretation and true expression. 

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