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Boho 1 (includes metallic gold element)
  • Boho 1 (includes metallic gold element)



    12" x 17"
    Acrylic on Paper

    Boho art will give your walls a gentle touch of Bohemian aesthetic along with minimalistic vibes.


    • What is Boho?

      Boho or Bohemian style of art is characterized by colorful, bold patterns. This type of art integrates an eclectic fusion of textures, patterns, and colors, creating vibrant artworks that inspire any room. Boho art is inspired by the bohemian culture and provides a modern way of decorating your space. It is a minimalistic but more expressive art made to entice your room. Unlike most art styles, boho art does not follow the usual standards and rules of art, where the artist tends to imply a specific imagination. Instead, it expresses a sense of freedom in each frame.

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